Bennion Teachers' Workshop

The Bennion Teachers' Workshop for the Perpetuation of Democratic Principles is an annual program of the Mountain West Center for Regional Studies at Utah State University . Funded by an endowment established by Ione S. Bennion , the workshop addresses topics that range widely, but which always are related to the concepts upon which democracy is built, the conditions under which it flourishes, and the dangers that threaten its existence. Workshops are taught by Utah State University faculty and guest speakers who represent the latest scholarship in the topics presented. The focus is on giving teachers practical tools that they can use in the classroom. Find guidelines for proposals here.

Topics of recent workshops include: 

"Democracy and the Future of American Capitalism," directed by Peter McNamara, Associate Professor of Political Science.

"Democracy in Asia: A Universal or American System?," directed by Clayton D. Brown, Assistant Professor of History and Asian Studies.

"Journalism as a Tool for Education and Education as the Key to Sustaining Journalism," directed by Matthew LaPlante of the Department of Journalism and Communication.

"Developing Students into Collaborative Citizens: Learning Civil Discourse and Democratic Decision-Making," directed by Matthew Sanders, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies.

"The Open Space of Democracy: How Place Writing Transforms Classrooms, Communities, and the World," co-directed by Jennifer Sinor and Michael Sowder, Associates Professors in the English Department.

"Liberty and War," co-directed by William Furlong , Shannon Peterson and Carolyn Rhodes of the Political Science Department.

"Politics and the Media," directed by Peter Galderisi, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Michael Sweeney, Assistant Professor in Journalism and Communication.

"Democracy, Access and Language Diversity in American Classrooms," directed by James Bame , Professor of Intensive English, Susan Carkin, Associate Professor of Intensive English, and John Lackstrom, Professor of Spanish, English, Linguistics, and ESL.

"Representation and Participation: Music, Poetry, and Democratic Ideals in the Classroom," directed by Bruce Saperston , Chair of the Music Department, and Brock Dethier, Assistant Professor of English.

"Counting Every Vote and Making Every Vote Count," directed by Peter Galderisi, Associate Professor of Political Science.

"Reading , Reflection, and Respect: Building Democracy through Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults," directed by Lynn Langer Meeks and Patricia M. Gantt, both professors of English at Utah State University.

"Fairness for Girls and Boys: Gender and Democratic Principles in America 's Schools," directed by Anne M. Butler, Professor of History, and Jay Butler, Lecturer in English.