Mountain West Center Small Grants Program

The Mountain West Center for Regional Studies (MWC) Small Grants program is designed to foster research, writing and creative production in (but not necessarily pertaining to) the Mountain West. The program will fund grant requests of up to $2,500 on a competitive basis for full-time, benefitted faculty members (including RCDE) in support of research or creative activities leading to submission of a journal article, book chapter, book manuscript, or (other) creative product. Small grants are not intended to fund meeting attendance. The MWC will likely fund 3-5 proposals in this grant cycle.

  Awardees are required to formally acknowledge the Mountain West Center in their funded work/product, and to submit a final report on the outcome of the funded activities that includes documentation of submission to the targeted venue by April 30, 2017, with all funds expended by this date. A copy of any work published in consequence of this grant must be provided to the Mountain West Center for their archives.

The proposal must identify the target venue to which the applicant intends to submit their work, and outline the research or creative activity that will form the basis for that submission. Eligibility is limited to full time, benefitted faculty members.   Proposals are due by electronic submission to Patricia Lambert ( or to Barbara Warnes ( in the Mountain West Center by April 8, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

Please click on the link below for additional details and documents needed for submission. Please email the Mountain West Center for the submission cover sheet and budget template at