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Bringing War Home Project

(funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities Dialogues on the Experience of War Program)


War Photos and Memorabilia
Americans live with the material artifacts of war--knitted socks produced by our grandmothers at home, postcards sent from war zones. We might have a family memento that originated in France or Laos, but no way of placing this object in context. Through our project, we aim to provide students, veterans, military family members, and the general public with an opportunity to gain access to the tools to contextualize, preserve, and analyze these objects and the stories that surround them.

–Susan Grayzel, Project Co-Director


War Patches

By creating the source base for future community-based discussions, we will help Utahns create a living digital archive not only of the objects of war but also the stories that convey their personal meaning.

–Molly Cannon, Project Co-Director


Old Notebook with Names

World War I Artifacts Roadshow - November 2018

In November 2018, USU's class "1918 Anglo-American Culture and Society in a World at War," in conjunction with Utah Public Radio and the Mountain West Center for Regional Studies, hosted a roadshow to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Armistice Day. Members of the Cache Valley community were invited to bring in World War I artifacts to highlight Utah's local connections to The Great War.Check out the storymap USU alumni Angela Roderiguez created to commemorate this event.



Bringing War Home Project Goals

Project Goals

War is saturated with objects shaped and carried from battlefields to homes.  Sometimes such objects end up in Museums, but the personal stories of how such objects came to make journeys from Vietnam, for example, to rural Utah often do not.  One of the main goals of our project is to disperse basic tools that will allow veterans and members of military families as well as the general public to understand the things brought home from war.



Looking Ahead

Date Event
Fall 2021 Community Reading Groups and Discussions of Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried
Spring 2022 "The Material Culture and History of 20th-Century War" broadcast course for USU undergraduates
May 2022 'Bringing War Home' Roadshows at Hill Aerospace Museum and Fort Douglas Military Museum
Spring 2023 Launch 'Bringing War Home: Community Dialogues around Objects Digital Archive'



  • National Endowment for the Humanities Dialogues on the Experiences of War
  • Hill Aerospace Museum
  • Fort Douglas Military Museum
  • Hyrum City Museum
  • Logan Library
  • USU Office of Veteran Resources
  • USU Digital Initiatives
  • USU Department of History
  • USU Museum of Anthropology