Bennion Teachers' Workshop, Summer 2016

2016 Bennion Teachers’ Workshop

Democracy and the Future of American Capitalism

We are very excited to offer another creative and insightful approach to the teaching of democratic principles in our upcoming 2016 Bennion Teachers' Workshop. This year's workshop is entitled "Democracy and the Future of American Capitalism." Dr. Peter McNamara, Associate Professor of Political Science at Utah State University, is directing the workshop and bringing in specialists to examine historic economic policy approaches and the issues facing the United States today. The workshop will assist teachers with incorporating coverage of economic policy, particularly presidential leadership during an election year, into their classrooms. An educational consultant will be on site to assist attendees in creating lesson plans and meeting core curriculum standards.


Dates: Monday, June 20 – Friday, June 24, 2015

Place: Utah State University

Cost: $140 ($50* workshop fee plus $90 tuition)

*Discounted workshop fee of $40 for registration prior to May 20th


Dr. McNamara is both a specialist and enthusiast on the topic of American Capitalism. As he notes, "In 2008 the American economy crashed in a way that has called into question not only the economic structure of the United States but also the relationship between its economic and political structures. Our exploration of democracy and the future of American Capitalism will look to the past, examine the big economic issues of the present day, and explore the role of the economy in presidential elections.” This is a great opportunity for teachers to learn about the topic and to brainstorm ways to integrate this information into secondary education curriculum. Please spread the word and plan to attend with a friend or two. A brochure and registration information is attached below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Mountain West Center at or 435-797-0299.