Bennion Teachers' Workshop Request for Proposals

Mountain West Center for Regional Studies


The Ione and Wayne Bennion

Teachers’ Workshop for the Perpetuation of Democratic Principles

: USU humanities and social sciences faculty to propose and implement a workshop for K-12 teachers, to be held in the summer of 2017. Proposed workshops should provide an atmosphere and the educational resources to explore the concepts upon which democracy is built, the conditions under which it flourishes, and the dangers to its existence. Interpretation of this mission is broad, and many humanities and social science topics may qualify. We encourage proposals with a global perspective, e.g. emerging democracies and the lessons they offer on democratic principles, process and the role of the educational system in this transition.

The workshop is held each summer and is attended by K-12 teachers and prospective teachers from throughout Utah and the Mountain West. The workshop should be high in content to provide teachers with background in the subject matter and tools for use in the classroom.

The workshop is directed by USU faculty or faculty teams who have proposed a topic and outlined a plan for the workshop. (If, at any time, there is a lack of proposals submitted from USU faculty, we may solicit proposals from faculty members at USU or other universities.) Proposals should include visiting speakers, hands-on experiences, practical assignments, and time for discussion and interaction among students and faculty.

Past topics have included "Democracy in Asia: A Universal or American System?," "Journalism as a Tool for Education and Education as the Key to Sustaining Journalism," "Developing Students into Collaborative Citizens: Learning Civil Discourse and Democratic Decision-Making," “The Changing Course of Democracy: The Contested Meanings of a Political Idea,” “The Open Space of Democracy: How Place Writing Transforms Classrooms, Communities, and the World,” “Democracy in Transition:  U.S. Presidential Elections, 1960-2008,” and “Balancing Liberty and Security in U.S. Foreign Policy, Past and Present: Does the War on Terrorism Change Everything.”

Deadline for Proposals : Wednesday, October 31, 2016, at 5:00 pm.

How to Apply

The individual or individuals applying will need to submit a proposal narrative and budget for the workshop. The workshop is usually held during on the USU campus in June. Applicants may suggest other times and places as well. Distance learning technology may also be employed. Effective communication and involvement with workshop participants are key considerations.

The Narrative . The proposal narrative should be approximately five pages and include:

·          a title for the workshop

·          learning objectives

·          plans for each of the five days

·          names of proposed speakers and directors

·          expected needs for copy services, technical services, food services, etc.

·          a publicity and marketing plan—Who do you want to attend and how will you attract them? The cost of designing, printing, and mailing the Bennion brochure should be included here (consult with Barbara Warnes in the Mountain West Center for help with estimating costs). While the project directors assume primary responsibility for publicity and generating lists for mailing, the Mountain West Center staff will assist in this area and provide mailing lists as well.

·          preferred number of students

The Budget . All costs should be itemized and realistic, including:

·          a fee for the director of up to one month’s salary and benefits (may be split among co-directors), depending on nature of the planned activities and projected follow-up   

·          fees/honoraria and travel for visiting speakers

·          costs of teaching assistants, graduate assistants, or staff assistants

·          field trip expenses (if applicable)

·          materials costs

·          food costs (breaks, lunches, etc.)

·          publicity costs (printing, mailing, phone, including designing, printing, and mailing the Bennion brochure, etc.)

·          distance learning or other technological costs

·          copying, phone, postage as needed

·          teacher travel stipends, averaging about $250 each, for up to 20 teachers

An appropriate budget will probably be in the $22,000 - $25,000 range. Funding variances from year to year may require a smaller budget.  Faculty wishing to submit a proposal are encouraged to work with Barbara Warnes in the Mountain West Center on developing their proposal budget.  

Proposals should arrive in MAIN 339 by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, October 31, 2016. The mailing address is:

Mountain West Center

Attn: Barbara Warnes

Bennion Teachers’ Workshop

0735 Old Main Hill

Logan   UT   84322-0735

For more information and/or to see examples of funded proposals, please contact Patricia Lambert in the CHaSS Dean’s Office at .

The Bennion Teachers’ Workshop for the Perpetuation of Democratic Principles is a program made possible by an endowment to Utah State University’s Mountain West Center for Regional Studies. The endowment was created by Ione Bennion, a teacher and community activist, to “provide an atmosphere and the educational resources to explore the concepts upon which democracy is built, the conditions under which it flourishes, and the dangers to its existence.”